Programs & Services


Community Partners in Action offers a continuum of services to support individuals involved in the criminal justice system. This section provides information about our programs and services. Our holistic approach to providing support encompasses prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation and re-entry, for far reaching results.

Research shows that programs that are not fragmented are more likely to have positive outcomes when addressing the complexity of issues faced by most ex-offenders.

The programs listed below start during incarceration and continue to life skills training, employment and re-entry into the community. For an overview of each of our specialized programs click on the links in the navigation to the left.

For an in depth look at some of the client success stories, visit the Success Stories section of our website.

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  • Monitoring clients for the criminal justice system
  • Educating clients in a variety of life skills
  • Cognitive skills training and restructuring
  • Substance abuse counseling and education
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Case Management
  • Individual & group sessions
  • Dispute resolution
  • Aggression Replacement Therapy
  • Community Service
  • Anger Management
  • HIV/AIDS education